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61 Church Street
Canaan, CT, 06018
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Please contact us at our headquarters for the following inquiries.

  • Equipment Reconditioning
  • Protective Football Equipment
  • Team Sales
  • Spirit Packs
  • Custom Uniforms
  • Customized Corporate Apparel
  • HME Headsets
  • Physical Education Supplies

Our Retail Store

297 Ashley Falls Road
Canaan, CT 06018
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Please contact our retail store for questions regarding

  • Retail Store Hours
  • Retail Store Location
  • Cheerleading Sales
  • Product Availablity in our Retail Store

Please note: Our Retail Store does not carry Protective Football Equipment. If you are looking to buy protective equipment such as football helmets or shoulder pads, please see the note below.

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looking to purchase Protective Football Equipment?

Please note that our retail store does not carry Protective Football Apparel (Helmets, Shoulder Pads...). For individual purchases of football protective gear, please contact our main warehouse to arrange an appointment or to discuss stock availability and sizing. You can reach our main warehouse by calling 800-708-0059.