Wilson A1010 HS1 NFHS Baseball (Dozen)

Wilson A1010 HS1 NFHS Baseball (Dozen)

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Wilson A1010 HS1 NFHS Baseball (Dozen)

• Grade B Full Grain Leather cover
• SST: Super Seam Technology
• Gray Wool winding
• Raised Seams
• Red Cushioned Cork center with Dura-Core Technology™

Sold by the dozens

Dura-Core Technology™: Added to Red Cushioned Cork to help the ball retain hardness 15% better than the competition. Formed to withstand impact and give you the game changing performance you need. 

Red Cushioned Cork: Give your game an edge with a baseball that stays more energized during bat/ball collision. 

Super Seam Technology™: With seams 20% higher than raised seam baseballs, pitchers experience superior control on the mound. Fielders can locate the ball quicker in their glove and throw with more accuracy. 

Raised Seams: Raised 20% higher than Wilson flat seam baseballs to give pitchers and fielders better grip and accuracy. 

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